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Elastomeric Waterproofing Liquid Membrane Coating

All Waterproofing Membranes have been specializing in liquid membranes for some years now.

In that time we have noticed that there were a lot of liquid membrane coatings on the market, but very few are what we call acceptable. All Waterproofing Membranes only uses the highest quality membranes.

We simply found the cheap coatings are of inferior quality, and they either crack, deteriorate or just fail.

QUESTION: What application can I apply to, using a liquid membrane?

ANSWER: This question I am often asked and the truth is, you can apply a liquid membrane coating over a wide range of applications, from your roof either tiles, iron, asbestos, paths and decks, only the preparation & primers are different.

Some of the coatings that we use and recommend are approved in the encapsulation of asbestos, and has up to 600% elasticity and is UV resistant.

Also, membrane coatings can be used if you have a rusted hole in a gutter and can be the size of your fist. With the right process & application this can be fixed and will outlast the remainder of the area.

The Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane liquid coating that we use has a proven track record of 25 years plus.

Below are some examples of roofs that have been repaired and coated: