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Flat roofs are the hard working soldiers of our buildings. They endure extreme weather events, withstand trade traffic and adapt to fluctuations in our rapidly changing climate. But despite their durability, every flat roof will eventually leak. This is why you need Smartex® on your side.

Smartex® gives you the edge on leaks. When a breach occurs, you’ll receive an immediate report via your PC, tablet or smartphone, including an accurate location for repair. Smartex® eliminates the guesswork and protects your building.

Smartex® is the only intelligent roof monitoring system of its kind on the market today.

• Tracks waterproofing integrity 24/7
• Detects leaks in real time
• Issues an alert when a breach occurs
• Pinpoints the exact location for repair

How Smartex® Works ?

Smartex® combines innovative sensor technology with high-performance cloud solutions to produce secure and reliable information on your roof’s integrity.

Waterproofing membranes are normally made of materials that don’t conduct electrical current. We install a conductive felt and a robust set of sensors below the membrane, connecting them to the Smartex® monitoring box. This enables us to measure and evaluate differences in voltage and trace the flow of water through a breach.

When the first drop of water flows through the membrane, Smartex® will detect and pinpoint the leak with a high degree of accuracy This works automatically — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — even if the membrane is covered or installed inside the structure.

Intelligent roof monitoring is smart business

Four Easy Steps to a Smartex® Roof

Detailed consultation and analysis

Installation of your intelligent roof

Smartex® monitoring box connection

Done! Now Smartex® works for you.