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Cementitous Membrane

A flexible cementitous waterproofing membrane for both positive and negative side waterproofing of concrete and masonry potable structures.


Waterproofing of concrete and masonry structures (water fountains) both new and old where live cracks are present, the membrane that we use is a flexible cementitous membrane and does not rely on crystal growth to achieve its waterproofing. As a result it can be used on most masonry surfaces, including sand stone, provided that the surfaces are prepared.

This type of membrane is excellent for solving the problem of water seepage through concrete & masonry where live cracks are present in both new and old structures.

The membrane that we use is ideal for application in potable water structures and is non toxic also suitable for permanent sunlight exposure after curing and has been tested to withstand a water head of 70 meters.

Whittlesea fountain:

In this situation what we were faced with was the internal side of the fountain had a PVC layer glued on membrane system. This could have been alright under certain situations, but in this fountain there were many internal lights and fittings which were protruding through the PVC lining. This would have resulted in many leaks which in turn would seep through the porous and cracked concrete.

The lights and PVC lining had to be removed completely. Once this was done, the surface of the wall and floor had to be cleaned. The surface was simply grit blasted and after this was done we applied a flexible cementitous membrane straight onto the original concrete wall & floor. This sealed all the cracks and the complete inside of the fountain. The lights were then securely refitted onto the floor without any gaps in between.